Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 25, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Turnaround Tuesday–hopefully? Optimistic after yesterday’s 1,000-point drop?; U.S. airlines waive cancellation fees for South Korea flights as coronavirus spreads beyond China; Former University of Texas tennis coach gets 6 months in prison for role in college admissions scam; Amazon expands physical footprint w/bigger cashier-less grocery shop (opens today in Seattle); Vanessa Bryant files wrongful death lawsuit; What you need to know before you invest in gold; How rest of country celebrates Fat Tuesday (not just for New Orleans, Lesley); An 8-year low on mortgage rates; A slowdown in customer traffic at Shake Shack; Layoffs at Expedia; National Pancake Day.

Health & Wellness

Worst-hit countries intensify efforts to contain deadly coronavirus as number of cases globally surpass 80,000; Harvey Weinstein, facing up to 29 years in prison, gets night at Bellevue Hospital after complaining of chest pains post-verdict; Agriculture giant Cargill announces new plant-based burger (coming this spring); Mammograms – not helpful in women 75 and older?; A man who doesn’t have coronavirus but may now owe thousands of dollars for being tested; The health benefits of a random act of kindness.


Would you pay $1,495 for ticket to Tyra Banks’ ModelLand theme park?; Dior teams up w/the Louvre to help restore Tuileries Garden; Vineyard Vines collaborates w/Palm Beach Lately to create limited-edition collection; Bridal gowns – may be in short supply for wedding season because of coronavirus??; How Salma Hayek gets her skin to glow; What your hair is trying to tell you; The new de-puffing facial massager you probably haven’t heard of yet; A discreet nose hair trimmer that looks like a pen.


Consume olive oil after exercise and live longer?; Flight attendant loses case against airline after being fired for exceeding weight limit (by just one pound); World’s best kayaker seeks full-time employment; Jenna Jameson having trouble losing weight again on keto – hormones to blame?; How to get rid of stubborn back fat and sculpt strong upper body; What it means to be skinny fat (as explained by registered dietitian); Everything you need to know about trendy new fitness program called obé.

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