Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 26, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Coronavirus wipes out $1.7 trillion in U.S. stock market value in two days…no bottom in sight???; Longtime Disney CEO Bob Iger steps down as CEO; Hot Pockets heiress gets 5 months in jail in college admissions scandal; Tesla stock falls out of favor w/another analyst; Outstanding auto-loan balances hit new record and delinquencies on rise – should we be concerned?; Companies putting planned IPOs on ice as spread of coronavirus rocks markets; Soho House making moves into co-working space; Nabisco discontinuing Red Velvet Oreo cookies; The most expensive Toyota of all time (potentially); An affordable Tesla Cybertruck (Hot Wheels version); Winter storm – Missouri to Maine; Ash Wednesday.

Health & Wellness

Not a matter of if, but when? Health officials say Americans should prepare for coronavirus crisis in U.S.; Apple and Johnson & Johnson teaming up on new study to see if Apple Watch can reduce risk of stroke; Disney adding Impossible to its menus; Bachelor for seniors heading to ABC; The first album Ozzy Osbourne has done ‘completely sober’; A huge spike in number of older Americans smoking pot and using edibles.


Influencers w/big followings putting up “paywalls” and charging fans for more intimate social media experience…what does this mean for fashion brands?; TheRealReal heading to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile later this year; Sarah Jessica Parker now selling remake of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic mismatched shoesKendra Scott growing fast in flat jewelry retail market; Orange – new black?; The tattoo-obsessed woman who was left temporarily blind after inking eyeballs.


Time to stock up on Coke Zero? Coca-Cola says artificial sweeteners from China could be in shorter supply if coronavirus continues to spread; Planet Fitness delivers mixed Q4 results, shares fall; Adidas adds 24-karat gold plating to its latest superstar; Fiber – secret to weight loss?; The first hotel to feature Tonal, the intelligent gym and personal trainer we’ve come to know and love; A new Kobe Bryant Nike sneaker inspired by Los Angeles Lakers.

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