Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 10, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

As fears about coronavirus mount, so do concerns about possible quarantines, office closures, school shutdowns and…and…and; Apple confirms it’s OK to clean iPhones w/disinfecting wipes (good to know since phones can apparently carry coronavirus for up to 9 days); Coachella organizers look to delay music festival until October; Robinhood brokerage app goes down again, causing customers to miss out on another historic trading day??!?!; Tom Brady launching Hollywood production company ahead of 2020 free agent decision; Scammers capitalizing on rising gold prices; A doping scandal engulfing horse racing industry; The big business of shopping under the influence.

Health & Wellness

Driving your life away? Americans lost nearly 100 hours to traffic last year…with Boston ranking as most congested U.S. city; Amanda Bynes gets sent to psychiatric facility after ending 3-week engagement (parents looking out for her); Toms Shoes’ founder launches subscription-box wellness program; Apple Watch might soon detect your blood oxygen levels?; A coronavirus guide for older Americans (and their family advocates); The hand soaps you should buy to fight germs (because soap works well); Italy’s total lockdown.


What’s a better investment than art…stamps…rare whisky? Maybe…handbags?; French luxury magnate Bernard Arnault sees net worth drop $6 billion in yesterday’s market plunge (fared worse than other billionaires); Croatian fashion designer launches ‘cheerful’ collection of antiviral masks; Revlon announces layoffs, restructuring program; Stitch Fix disappoints; Dolly Parton wants to be on Playboy cover for her 75th birthday?; The Aussie woman who popped the question w/$9,000 Domino’s pizza ring.


Adidas launches footwear research into space so it can make better sneakers??; SoulCycle announces $2,500 at-home bike that streams on-demand classes (available for pre-order on Thursday); New Balance helps Levi Strauss sneak into shoe business; How many calories you’ll consume from Cheesecake Factory’s free slice promo (already in progress); What Carrie Underwood eats in a day to feel her best (not cheesecake); Nike’s inflatable jacket…because spring weather is just so unpredictable.

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