Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 12, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Have plans to go to a…festival..paradesporting eventbuffet…or some other gathering – like Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day – that involves a bunch of people? Not gonna happen – especially now that coronavirus has officially been declared a pandemic. Just about everything has been cancelled or postponed as fears spiral out of control and Dow tumbles into bear market (ending longest bull market in U.S. history), leaving us to wonder: WHAT IS GOING ON?; How new retirees are reacting to market turmoil; What to do with your money/why you should sit still; The case against using cash.

Health & Wellness

Does Alcoholics Anonymous work? New study says YES! May be most effective path to abstinence, in fact…; Beyond Meat partnering w/Martha Stewart to launch plant-based Breakfast Sausage (available nationwide by early April); Hotels showcasing National Sleep Month by promoting snoozing amenities (from weighted blankets to IV sleep therapy); Breathwork – aka conscious or controlled breathing – gaining traction as more people discover the benefits; U.S. flu season tapering off.


Eat breakfast or fast?? How about…both???; Former Patriot Rob Gronkowski ‘close’ to signing deal w/WWE; Roger Federer gets ‘RF’ logo back from Nike two years after moving to Uniqlo; Apple – working on a fitness app??; What we can learn from studying older marathoners; Why people ditching bootcamps for pilates; A simple equation to calculate how much water you should be drinking/day; The ‘Overnight Salad’ SNL sketch that has us LOL’ing; Costco’s keto-friendly salted caramel ice cream bars.

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