Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 17, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Green pancakes this morning…topped w/Lucky Charms? Green donut? Maybe a Shamrock Frappuccino? Corned beef and cabbage tonight? Wash it down with Irish whiskey? Beer? Oh, wait … we’re in coronavirus hell …  losing money, jobs, sanity as our lives go on hiatus … and the worst is yet to come? Possible recession on horizon? Depression?; Amazon looking to hire 100,000 more employees to keep up w/surge in orders; Some stores (including Stop & Shop and Dollar General) offering ‘elderly hours’ to help protect senior shoppers; Where Goldman Sachs predicts stock market will bottom out; Why now’s a good time to do annual retirement plan checkup (Good piece, Kerry); What documents (and other information) you should have readily accessible, like, now; A new stock acronym for coronavirus-fueled panic; The 10 most recession-resistant cities for 2020.

Health & Wellness

A shot in the arm (if it works)! Researchers testing first experimental COVID-19 vaccine on human volunteers; Telemedicine companies struggling to serve ‘extreme volumes’ of patients as coronavirus calls surge; Fears leading to blood drive cancellations at ‘unprecedented’ rates in U.S.; Popular anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen – make coronavirus worse?; What you should eat to strengthen your immune system; How coronavirus behaves inside your body; The devastating effect social distancing could have on people with depression; A man who celebrated 67th wedding anniversary outside his wife’s nursing home.


Is it safe to rent clothes during the coronavirus outbreak?; Prada donates intensive care units to Milan hospitals to fight coronavirus; Amal Clooney’s sister takes heat for selling luxury face masks amid pandemic; Met Gala gets “postponed indefinitely”; When your job is to touch people’s hands….; What the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic will mean for luxury brands.


As many gyms and fitness clubs go dark (from Orangetheory, SoulCycle, Gold’s Gym to Equinox), some, like Planet Fitness, offering free online classes to all (including non-members); Streaming workout services extending free trial periods to attract new customers (Peloton for 90 days!); Tom Brady – anyone? anyone? annnnyone?; Why you should be making quarterly resolutions to reach your fitness goals; How not to eat all your quarantine snacks in first two days; A test run of Hoka’s TenNine, its craziest shoe yet; The best store-bought keto coffee creamers.

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