Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 18, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Is coronavirus hitting economy worse than Wall Street thinks? And why-oh-why do people – aka “experts” – keep comparing this pandemic to the 2008 financial crisis when it doesn’t look – or feel – anything like that?; Amazon prioritizing shipment of food and medical supplies; Pop stars live-streaming concerts from home; Major hotel chains shutting down; What Ina Garten is cooking up in the kitchen while “hunkered down” at home (looks better than our SPAM); How to make Martha Stewart’s health-boosting ginger tea; A new type of trolling (‘ZoomBombing’) as people turn to Zoom video calls; The best way to kill coronavirus in cars; An extra three months to pay your taxes; Netflix Party (so we can still have our movie nights together…virtually).

Health & Wellness

U.S. coronavirus death toll hits 100; doctors warn hospitals unprepared for continuing surge; Italians send chilling warning to Americans in new video; Therapists face challenges as coronavirus limits in-person help (affordable online options here); Safe to have sex during coronavirus outbreak?; How to practice self-care while social distancing; Why now might be good time to consider fostering a pet (bad to self-isolate alone!); The one sport not affected by coronavirus; A calming message from Matthew McConaughey.


Stress-eating from home during lockdown? Weighting things out? Beware the Quarantine 15!; Biggest names in sports team up to raise money for people affected by coronavirus; Pandemic accelerates streaming fitness class industry; Why cereal companies changing their fortified nutrients; How to do tuck jumps the right way to burn more calories and tone your muscles; The top five ways to cut sugar from your diet; A new chapter for Tom Brady.

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