Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 19, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Spring starts today? Wouldn’t know it, given stormy weather barreling across U.S. (impacting almost every state in the lower 48), and whoa – Utah hit w/ 5.7 magnitude earthquake?; NYSE temporarily closing trading floor, moving to electronic trading (Monday); Investors selling everything; Spring IPO market essentially shutting down; Commercial real estate market going to ‘blow up’?; What Zoom is and why everyone talking about it right now (big increase in demand); How long frozen meat actually lasts (asking for a friend); Why everyone reading the Decameron; An LA taco spot that’s selling Emergency Taco Kits, complete w/four rolls of toilet paper and 30 eggs; A bakery in San Francisco that is now delivering “quarantine cakes”; The stock that’s skyrocketing.

Health & Wellness

As China hits coronavirus milestone (no new local infections), cases here in U.S. continue to escalate; Health officials say millennials (including this idiot on spring break – “If I get corona, I get corona.”) may be at higher risk than previously thought, and ugh – some children may be vulnerable to developing severe infection?; Why prioritizing sleep is particularly important right now (and what 36 hours w/out it does to your face); What cabin fever is and how to ‘cure’ it; How fear can spread like a virus; The heartbreaking implications of ‘patient distancing’; A link between social isolation and inflammation; An unexpected, positive side effect of coronavirus lockdown in Italy (crystal clear canals, prompting return of wildlife — for first time ever)…


With constant hand-washing amid coronavirus outbreak, should you stop wearing your jewelry?? And how often should you be showering, anyway?; Moncler donates $10.9 million to build new hospital for coronavirus patients in Milan; Luxury watchmakers close production facilities in Switzerland; Laura Ashley files for bankruptcy; What to wear when working from home (Marc Jacobs shares some pics); How to look good on video calls while working remotely; A new wave of retinol products suitable for sensitive skin; An inspirational story from the CEO of The Lip Bar; The best spring produce…candles.


Is it safe for healthy people to exercise outside amid coronavirus concerns? Stay six feet away from others?; Digital fitness creating communities we need right now; Runners now running for running’s sake (since no more marathons for forseeable future); Obesity – ‘contagious’ among teens?; How personal trainers are working in pandemic; Why you’re not losing weight despite best efforts (too much stress-eating); The major gyms that are offering membership freezes.

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