Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 23, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Aside from wondering when this nightmare is going to end and how bad the damage is going to be, we’ve also been thinking about how this is going to change everything – from our relationships and priorities to the way we shop, work, eat, date, travel, exercise, socialize…live (!)  –  and wondering what the new normal will look like….Drive-thru only? Curbside pick-up? No more offices? Schools? Virtual vacations? Only a couple of retailers? Bye, bye, cash?; How to get your Starbucks fix now that U.S. stores are all closed; Why Zoom has become darling of remote workers during this crisis (and yes, we noticed your new background, Sam); What a meal in virtual reality tastes like (now we’re really confused); The three-ingredient creamy coffee drink that’s going viral amid social distancing; A new dating service for quarantined college kids; First ever all-electronic trading day (today); Spring Nor’easter (already in progress).

Health & Wellness

Who knew Rita Wilson (currently under self-quarantine) could rap?; Dangerous doomsday predictions spreading online (bringing new attention to Sylvia Browne’s book, End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World (now #2 on Amazon’s nonfiction chart); Honeywell ramping up mask production (creating at least 500 jobs); Coconut water sales spiking; Video chat – and telemedicine – having…moment(s); How to protect yourself from coronavirus when grocery shopping; Why you should be drinking plenty of water during lockdown; The preexisting conditions that make it harder to fight this (smoking, vaping may also make you more susceptible); An uptick in advance end-of-life directives (medical instructions, guardianship designations, other legal contingency plans).


Half of Uruguay’s COVID-19 cases can be traced to single fashion designer?; Project Runway stars make masks and gowns for hospital workers; Billie releases new collection of clean beauty essentials; Ikea enters streetwear scene; Ricky’s restocks empty cosmetics shelves w/coronavirus cleaning supplies?; A topless Paulina Porizkova on ‘day 4’ of quarantine; The balloon jeans we won’t be wearing anytime soon (as in never ever); Victoria’s Secret 2.0.


Maybe a warmer than normal spring will inspire more walks, runs, bike rides….outdoor activity? But wait – is it even safe to venture outside for a diversion from this surreal life we’re all now living?; Blink Fitness launches “Get up and Blink” free live-streaming fitness classes; Diet tracking app ‘Calory’ adds support for custom foods, recipe integration; Peloton suspends delivery of its treadmill; Americans flock to safety of comfort foods (sales of chocolate, chips, ice cream, pastries – all up); 2020 Summer Olympicsstill a possibility??; The French man who ran an entire marathon on his seven-meter balcony during self-isolation.

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