Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 25, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

While we’re still in the there-are-no-stupid questions phase of dealing w/the spread of COVID-19, we here at NoPo have a few….like what should we wear outside to protect ourselves from coronavirus? Should we be washing our clothes as obsessively as we are our hands…face…wrists? Safe to get food delivered?; Can you still get the virus even though you’ve been social distancing, using wipes, and adhering to all other protocol? And…if you do get it, can you get it more than once? Think we will email Dr. Oz since he seems to be primary go-to for all things coronavirus….; Airlines making cargo-only flights for first time in years; Real ID deadline getting pushed back; Housing market going to come to halt?; An online toilet paper calculator that will tell you how long your supply will last; The quality stocks we should be buying, but aren’t just yet (still too nervous–need signs coronavirus is OVER); All the movies streaming early amid theater closures; Everything coming to Netflix in April; Häagen-Dazs’ new Soft Dipped Ice Cream Bars.

Health & Wellness

How are you doing? Barely functioning/feeling out of sorts wondering when-o-when this will end?; Health and wellness apps offering free services to help those who need it; More people buying plant-based meat alternatives during pandemic (purchases up nearly 300% last week); Vitamin C – taking too much?; What it’s like to be millennial quarantining at your parent’s house; Why Yale’s free “Happiness Class” feels completely irrelevant to NoPo right now (even though other newsletters have been promoting it as we focus more on SURVIVING); The shelf-stable non-dairy milk with just one ingredient; A new Netflix show called Cooked With Cannabis (For you, Paul); Top immune-boosting vitamins.


Wondering…what will fashion influencers do next? Not exactly the best time to post glamour FOMO shots in exotic locations w/the Birkin bag, right?; Plastic surgeons putting face lifts, tummy tucks, and other cosmetic procedures on ice (some even making their accredited surgical centers available to support emergency rooms); Coronavirus closings creating virtual consultation uptick in beauty; The small business that pivoted from selling lip gloss to…sanitizer; An old school $8 at-home hair dye you might wanna try if those roots are needing a little, ahem, touch-up.

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