Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 30, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

So we’ve been online all day every day for a while now, and so has everyone else .. can the internet keep up?; Instacart, Amazon workers plan strike today over safety concerns; ESPN fills airtime w/classic Monday Night Football games; Oil — $1.75/barrel?; Drive-in church services taking off; Drive-in movie theaters making comeback; How to try every streaming service for free during quarantine; Why every brand you’ve ever bought something from is sending you coronavirus emails; What it’s like to get married in age of coronavirus; An ‘overnight success’ that took 9 years (yup, still talking about Zoom); The best bidets to make toilet paper a thing of the past (for you, Barbie); A new dating app called Quarantine Together.

Health & Wellness

OMG, I just coughed – do I have coronavirus? My body aches – do I have coronavirus? Throat’s a little scratchy – do I have coronavirus? I keep waking up with a headache – do I have coronavirus? Stop guessing and ask…Alexa?; Why now’s a good time to switch from contact lenses to glasses; What to know about sleep deprivation and its effects; How much vitamin C is too much vitamin C; A global shortage of condoms (looming); The doughnuts featuring Dr. Fauci’s face (quickly becoming nationwide hit).


Has the Amazon beauty reckoning finally arrived?; Rent the Runway lays off all retail employees due to coronavirus uncertainty; Macy’s big turnaround plan gets put on hold; Tom Brady – launching clothing line to cash in on his big move?; Why Walmart seeing increased sales for tops, but not bottoms; How isolation may be changing how you…look.


Does hand washing count as cardio? How ’bout worrying? Excessive crying? NoPo subscriber from Boulder, Colorado (Hi, BB) texted us over weekend, desperate for answers…; Data from fitness trackers shows Americans moving less and sleeping more under quarantine; Lululemon pushes ahead w/growth plan despite coronavirus?; Why everyone is #quarantinebaking their way through pandemic; How Weight Watchers could benefit in post-pandemic environment.

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