Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 20, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

U.S. oil drop to 21-year low as demand dries up…$10 a possibility?; Facebook introducing gaming app to take on Twitch, YouTube; Busch offering year of free beer to couples whose wedding plans were changed due to coronavirus; Americans stockpiling frozen pizza; Apple’s new AirPods – launching in May?; How to order food through Instagram; Why you should create ‘essentials only’ budget before you actually need it; Which video calling app is right fit for you – ‘Zoom by day, Houseparty by night’?; The return of chain emails (forward your favorite recipe to three friends and their three friends, and…and…); A Google card to rival Apple’s; National Library Week.

Health & Wellness

Did you watch One World: Together At Home fundraising concert on Saturday night? Lift your spirits or make you feel worse?; Microsoft launching ‘plasmabot’ to screen recovered COVID-19 patients for researchers; Amazon using thermal cameras at warehouses to scan workers for fevers; Experts saying may be time for grocery stores to ban customers from coming inside?; What contact tracing actually is; How close we are to pharma solution; When second wave could hit; A new premium-priced blueberry lemon spritz canned cocktail w/just two grams of sugar; An amazing line of night-sweat fighting pajamas; The podcaster helping worried world fall asleep.


Neiman Marcus becomes first major U.S. department store to succumb to economic fallout from coronavirus – bankruptcy as soon as this week; Gwyneth Paltrow getting backlash for auctioning off Oscars dress she never liked to raise money for coronavirus relief; StockX adding new fees, pushing sneakerheads to other platforms; Demand for beauty products – holding up?; Masks — from how to make and wear them to how to clean them (and how often) to how to prevent them from fogging up your glasses to whether or not you need to add a filter for extra protection.

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