Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 29, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Biggest mall owner prepares to reopen 49 properties — how’s that gonna go down?; Airbnb forcing property owners to wait 24 hours between guests; Google Meet adding 3 million users/day; Spotify-owned Anchor turning your video chats into podcasts; Zoom going w/Oracle for infrastructure needs, passing over Amazon and Microsoft?; How coronavirus changing what music we listen to; Where you’re expected to wear face masks (here, there, and just about everywhere); A new subscription-only entertainment news startup that is springing to life despite pandemic; An all-black 1,000-piece puzzle that will keep you busy for hours on end; America’s first quarter economic report card.

Health & Wellness

As U.S. coronavirus cases surpass one million and death toll climbs past 57,000, the race for vaccine accelerates – Pfizer saying it could test its vaccine as soon as next week, with potential for emergency use by fall (as we potentially enter that ‘inevitable’ second round, only to potentially be hit again and again and again); Quest Diagnostics rolling out direct-to-consumer coronavirus antibody tests; Amazon, Walgreens and CVS facing heartburn drug shortage after coronavirus treatment study revealed; Belgians doubling-down on fries?; The psychological reason why everyone’s burned out on video conferencing; A bunch of meditation apps, tested; Secrets of resilient people.


Given the mounting evidence that obesity is a risk factor for becoming seriously ill w/COVID-19, might we stop glamorizing obesity and focus more on proper diet and weight management? And how might this pandemic affect weight-loss companies like WW, which have shifted focus away from the numbers on the scale and moved toward body positivity, no matter your size? We all gonna revert to dieting, 1980s-style? Back to calorie counting? Lean Cuisine? Slim-Fast? Low-fat evveerrrrything?; A noticeable pick up in people running outside; The timely launch of Allbirds’ first running shoe.

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