Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 30, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Gilead treatment for coronavirus sends market soaring; JetBlue and Delta look to suspend service at bunch of major airports; Parks and Recreation returns for coronavirus-themed special tonight; Starbucks begins reopening stores next week; TikTok tops 2 billion downloads?; Google making video conferencing free for everyone; World’s wealthiest sticking w/stocks; Auto loans running on fumes; Beer sales soaring?; The end of a record-long expansion (U.S. economy shrinks 4.8% in first quarter); The return of front porches (just a hunch); Easy-to-use bread mixes (for you, Edie); Merf, the man behind the buzzworthy wine; Solid tech earnings.

Health & Wellness

Amid all the murky claims about coronavirus treatments, seems we finally have one that appears to be NoPo-worthy – an experimental drug from Gilead Sciences that apparently works against the virus, and reduces recovery time by an average of 4 days?!; How to make “carrot bacon” that’s trending on TikTok; Why fiber is best anti-ager; The best CBD gummies for travel, sleep, and mood; A boom for plant-based butter; “Skin Hunger” (biological need for human touch).


Love or sex or…something else? CrossFit co-founder Lauren Jenai, worth at least $20 million, going ahead w/wedding to accused murderer Franklin Tyrone Tucker as planned; Coronavirus presenting new challenges for those w/eating disorders; Jenna Jameson running into difficulties w/keto diet yet again – maybe time to give it up?; How to use body weight to mimic prison-style workout; What to expect of post-pandemic workouts; The “terrible e-bike” that just raised $4.7 million; A bodybuilder who looks like J-Lo, but is a lot more ripped; Chipotle’s five new “Lifestyle Bowls” for cooped-up consumers…

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