Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 14, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Still waiting on running shorts (need)…tank tops (really need)…citronella candles (really really need)…Amazon saying delivery speed returning to normal?!?!; Virus unleashing wave of fraud attempts as would-be scammers pounce; Work-from-home boom leading to more surveillance; Airlines having trouble enforcing face mask policies; Mortgage deliquencies rising; Pajama sales soaring; Hotel costs going to double? Triple?; Why some restaurants adding extra fee to your bill (suspect will see this across service industry); How your Uber ride will change (starting Monday); A “hotter-than-average” summer this year, and the face masks we need for sipping cocktails…

Health & Wellness

Asking For A Friend: As reopening begins in these uncertain times, is there Emotional Protective Equipment we can buy? You know, something to protect the heart as we start moving around a bit more…freely????; Razer offering face masks via vending machines across Singapore; Plexiglass popping up everywhere; Coronavirus – may never go away?? As in…never ever???; The village in Ireland embracing a locked-down Matt Damon; A Michelin-star restaurant in Virginia for you…your date…and mannequins.


Can a new Chief Executive Officer bring commercial magic back to Valentino?; Hedge fund pushes for Neiman Marcus-Saks Fifth Avenue merger (and lenders push for new leadership); Chanel raises prices on iconic handbags as coronavirus makes raw materials more expensive; JCPenney gives executives bonuses ahead of deadline for possible bankruptcy filing?; The skincare company that saw record sales in April even as coronavirus pandemic ravaged retail; A review of Hanacure, the K-beauty mask everyone’s obsessed with that we’ve yet to try; An “emergency divorce” for Mary-Kate Olsen.


Since people are still talking about how great Vera Wang looks as she approaches 71 (!), are you wondering what she’s eating (or not eating)? What the exercise routine looks like?; VanMoof raises $13.5 million to capitalize on e-bike boom in wake of COVID-19; Chris Hemsworth’s workout app surprises people w/$99 subscription charges; Buy Nike over Lulu now?; A new study reiterating just how bad sugary soda is for you (even if just one/day); The new rules of running during coronavirus.

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