Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 20, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Depression – “off the table”?; Spotify pays over $100 million for Joe Rogan podcast; EasyJet hack hits 9 million customers; Walmart grounds; Facebook taking another shot at building shopping empire; Apple buying older TV shows to take on Netflix and Amazon; Pier 1 Imports abandoning revival, closing all 540 stores (after nearly 60 years); U.S. airlines saying new bookings now outpacing cancellations – turning point in pandemic?; The best hard seltzers to drink this summer; An Airstream-shaped cooler; Carvel’s new Tie-Dye Shake.

Health & Wellness

As America starts to reopen, are people happier? Survey says yes, but…what if you don’t really want lockdown to end??? And what if it’s been sort of good for you and….yours? And what if you have a newfound appreciation for a certain someone? And what if this relationship doesn’t feel the least bit strained but is actually…better????; How to identify the types of ticks that can transmit diseases (from east coast to mountains to Pacific shores); What to expect for the 2020 tick season (and why Lyme cases could skyrocket); The discontinuation of Johnson & Johnson’s controversial talc-based baby powder – finally.


Can Amazon save luxury fashion?; Rent the Runway losing more executives (CTO just bailed – going to healthcare technology company); Kristen Bell launching CBD skincare line; French Connection running out of cash; Pandemic stress making your body odor go into overdrive?; How Toms went from $625 million company to belly-up; Why Farfetch is perfectly positioned for luxury market’s digital post-coronavirus future; The ‘disease-resistant’ jacket designed to kill bacteria and viruses upon impact (yours for $1,095); A historical timeline of J.C. Penney – from beginnings to bankruptcy.

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