Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 27, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Stocks surge on optimism about economies reopening – Dow near early-March levels; America gets back into space race (Here’s everything you need to know about SpaceX’s historic astronaut launch); JK Rowling unveils The Ickabog, her first non-Harry Potter children’s book; Amazon looks to buy self-driving startup Zoox; KFC tests new fried chicken sandwich; HBO Max makes debut – worth it for $14.99/month?; People emerging from coronavirus isolation w/carloads of stuff to donate; JetClass launching ‘flightpooling’ program to make evacuation charters more affordable; Luxury hotels pulling out all the stops to attract wary high-end travelers – new standard of cleanliness enough to bring them back?; How gaming is blowing up during pandemic; Why camping poised for ‘huge jump in popularity’ (RV stocks soaring); The return of Fritos Bar-B-Q corn chips; A match made in cereal heaven (Froot Loops + Frosted Flakes).

Health & Wellness

Can’t seem to decide on a big life change, like a move…career change…divorce?? New study suggests that whenever you cannot decide what you should do, it’s best to choose the action that represents a change, rather than continuing status quo (for you, Kelli); Americans stressing and skipping medical appointments..worrying about re-entering society..praying; What we lose when we hide our smiles behind a mask; Why drinking tea might just help in crisis.


Is your kid a picky eater? Maybe it’s because you’re a helicopter parent?!; Mike Tyson coming out of retirement and returning to ring ($$$$); Sailor Brinkley Cook battling ‘body dysmorphia,’ disordered eating; A five-minute yoga routine to loosen up your body and start your day off feeling calm, balanced and positive; The “new norm” at gyms that will make you never want to go again; Sweet Baby Ray’s new no-sugar barbecue sauce (keto-friendly and vegan).

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