Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 28, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Jobless toll mounts – claims may reach 41 million in 10 weeks? Unemployment rate to peak at 25%, remain high for two years?; Jump in mortgage refinancings leads to record-breaking loan volume for lenders; Discount retailer Tuesday Morning and bakery chain Le Pain Quotidien file for bankruptcy; Florida theme parks ready to reopen – yay?!; GE saying goodbye to its 129-year old light bulb business; Outdoor space sealing deals in tough luxury market; Instagram going to (finally) start paying influencers?; Liftoff Letdown (next attempt: Saturday, 3:22 pm, but weather still looks wonky).

Health & Wellness

America’s death toll from coronavirus tops 100,000? Highest in world….; Largest operator of health and wellness spa retail services at U.S. airports (XpresSpa Group) repurposing business to screen and test for COVID-19; Coronavirus turning financial advisors into grief counselors for families who have lost a loved one; Tom Hanks giving back (just donated plasma); The Ukrainian woman who used underwear as face mask after being denied service at post office (for you, Bob); A quarantine-inspired song by Dolly Parton (‘When Life Is Good Again’)…


How will beauty retailers sell makeup in person without in-store testers? Take-home samples only? Virtual try-ons?; Locked down fashion models trying homemade photo shoots w/mom and dad behind camera; Rent the Runway’s outsized $1 billion valuation coming down to earth; Crocs leading way in footwear; Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Dunky” sneakers – for $10,000?; How to level up your skincare routine w/facial steamer; Why turmeric is in our skincare products; An app looking to bridge real and virtual worlds for sneakerheads.


There have been studies/surveys/polls showing we’re all gaining weight while in isolation (too much bread, alcohol, pizza), but several NoPo’ers are telling us they’ve actually been losing weight…what say, you?; Rad Power Bikes launches new RadWagon e-cargo bike; Lululemon stores stops taking cash (contactless payment only); Fitness clubs could face $10 billion revenue hit as members flee?; The 17 best Peloton classes (according to power users); A beginner’s guide to jumping rope.

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