Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 28, 2018


New York City kicks off holiday season tonight w/annual lighting of Rockefeller Christmas Tree!!; Tiger Woods signs deal to produce instructional videos for Disney’s streaming golf channel; Knoxville, Tennessee tops list of Best U.S. Cities For Pet Owners; Thai cave where soccer team was trapped now tourist hot spot; Starbucks rolls out 4th annual holiday contest…and debuts Juniper Latte–maybe for those who like Gin & Tonic?; Apple boosting trade-in value of old iPhones; People dropping upwards of $200 on novelty Advent calendars; Ceramic Christmas trees — making comeback?; The 21 Best Steakhouses in America.


Amazon confirms it’s working on project to mine patient records and more accurately diagnose diseases; FDA approves breakthrough drug that targets genetic mutation, not cancer type; Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals details behind his new supplement company; “Gut shots” – key to healthy holiday eating?; 10 subtle signs you have a protein deficiency; 8 most beautiful desert spa destinations in America; ‘World’s Biggest’ weed store.


The hot new trend in luxury retail? Not selling anything!; Tory Burch buys back minority stake from Mexican private equity firm; Mom turns ugly sweater hobby into full-time business; Tattoo-inspired…apparel?; The best blow dryers to invest in [Yes-Dyson’s Supersonic on list, Laura]; An editor’s review of Magicstripes eyelid lifting strips; A burning desire for $$$$ candles.


What is HVIT? And how does it compare to HIIT??; Researchers attribute healthy blood pressure to South American tribe diet which consists predominantly of fruit and fiber-rich foods; New study says intermittent fasting no more effective than regular diet; Ketosis-testing breathalyzer — to keep your keto diet on track??; Knickers, the XXXXXXL…cow.

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