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Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 9, 2020

Consumer/Personal Finance

Some say recession; others say depression – what’s the difference, anyway?; Coronavirus stock market volatility creates largest daily price swings since 1929 crash; JetBlue consolidates number of airports it serves (and, ugh, officially suspends service in Providence); Instacart adds new features to speed up delivery service; Zoom faces investor lawsuit over privacy and security flaws; Prix Fixe takeout meals from fancy restaurants – now the hot new reservation?; Kids flocking to app called Roblox to hang out and play 3D games; Airbnb introducing new features aimed at longer-term stays; Restaurants transforming into grocery stores; What type of ham to buy and how to cook it (because Easter is apparently this Sunday); Which church services to “attend” from home (for you, Holly); How to make chocolate chip cookies chewy, gooey, crunchy, or cakey (and how to keep milk fresh for longer because you really shouldn’t be making any more trips to grocery store); Junior’s Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake (now available at Costco).

Health & Wellness

Hay fever or coronavirus?; And if suffering from allergies, could this impact the respiratory system, thus possibly making it easier to catch coronavirus?; Pandemic driving sales of small appliances for cooking, health and wellness; Orange juice sales soaring as everyone loads up on vitamin C; Sex lives – changing?; How to stop your worries from literally keeping you up at night; Why taking a bath every day is a good idea; When Americans ‘can be completely safe’ and what’s needed to end this pandemic (VACCINATION or IMMUNITY); An air purifier, humidifier and fan all in one (yours for $800; Dyson); A new vegan chocolate candy infused w/vitamin B12.


Have you ditched your extensions? Shaved your head? Grown back an old mullet? Everyone changing things up in quarantine; Tommy Hilfiger exploring virtual fashion shows w/avatars, holograms; IMG scouting models on TikTok; People now wearing their bedding as fashion?; What to do in lieu of your usual hair removal routine; Why now’s a good time to let your natural nails breeeeeaaaaathe; The best styles from the Jack Rogers under $50 sale; A new range of melatonin-based products…for your skin.


Wow – more stories about gyms still charging members even though they’ve been closed for, like, forever??? Never did like autopay, and for this very reason!; Fashion stars livestreaming workouts for fans; Town Sports International backpedaling on plans to buy Flywheel; Fitness giant Equinox not paying rent; Why you shouldn’t stress if not eating ton of fresh food right now; How to make S’mores Quest Bars taste like freshly-baked cookies (Spoiler Alert: Nuke ’em for 28 seconds); The Ohio man who constructed a full-service workout gig made entirely of timber.

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