NoPo: Latest Special Edition

Hope for Alzheimer’s Patients

On Tuesday, Biogen announced that it’s bringing back aducanumab, the Alzheimer’s drug it abandoned earlier this year. This announcement was a financial game-changer for Biogen shares (Poof–news erased 25% year-to-date drop And aducanumab, if approved, could be a medical game-changer for some Alzheimer patients (and their families) since new research shows that it slows cognitive decline in early-stage patients. Current treatments for Alzheimer’s only ease symptoms temporarily.

New Charges in College Admissions Scandal

A bunch of parents who were allegedly involved in the college admissions scandal – among them Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli – are now facing additional charges, raising the possibility of more significant jail time if any of them are found guilty. Specifically, we’re talking bribery charges–on top of the initial two charges related to conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. Prosecutors hope that these additional charges will inspire defendants to re-think the whole trial thing and induce more guilty pleas. #decisiontime


Yesterday, Nordstrom opened its shiny new $$$$ New York flagship store near Columbus Circle. It’s a seven-level, 320,000-square foot behemoth that’s got something for everyone – from foodies (six eating and drinking venues, Russ) to beauty junkies (14,000 square feet of beauty products spread across two floors, plus services from tailoring, blowouts to Botox) to trendsetters (It’s got all the classic luxury department store brands, including Fendi, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta.). But if you build it…will they come? Keep in mind, the project was set in motion in 2012, long before bricks-and-mortars took a body blow so skeptics are…skeptical, pointing to the demise of Lord & Taylor, Henri Bendel, and others.

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