Only a matter of time before the invasive new tick species makes its way to your state? The so-called Asian longhorn, which is capable of transmitting deadly disease, is reportedly the first new tick species found in the U.S. in nearly 100 years! It was first discovered in New Jersey last summer (Your state, Jay!) and there have since been reported findings – on domestic animals, wildlife, environmental samples, and yes, people (!) – in Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.


Aren’t you glad you sold your bitcoin when we told you to? Oh, wait – you didn’t! You still have it! Then you know – cryptocurrencies including your once-beloved bitcoin have seen a massive sell-off in the last month, shedding billions in market value (and making you feel ridiculously poor). Now deeply in the red, bitcoin, currently under $4000, is poised for an almost 80% fall over the course of the year, and some experts say technical indicators point to more pain in 2019.


The massive ground beef recall initiated in October by the nation’s largest beef processor – JBS USA – expanded this week to more than 12 million pounds due to salmonella concerns! This beef, sold at > 100 stores nationwide, has thus far sickened about 250 people in more than a dozen states. Authorities say if you have ground beef stashed away in your freezer, check it, and toss (or return) products w/the branding “EST. 267” stamped inside the USDA mark of inspection.


Remember when Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was, like, a major television event? The days when an average 10 million viewers (both drooling men and envious women) tuned in to see all the hot, scantily-clad models strut down the runway and do their thing? The show was always a ratings bonanza for the network that aired it. In recent years, however, the publicity has been mostly negative (short story is ongoing inclusion issues) and as a result, ratings have been slipping. This year, the show drew just 3.3 million viewers–its worst ratings in its broadcasting history.


On Monday, the body of missing 36-year old Florida resident Carla Stefaniak was found. A suspect in the case is a security guard at the Airbnb where she was staying on her final night – alone – in Costa Rica. He’s in custody while her family mourns and the rest of us shake our heads – haven’t we been hearing similar stories recently?

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