While 2018 turned out to be a decent year for IPOs, the outlook for 2019 looks even better, and could be record-breaking. Among those companies expected to go public: Airbnb, Slack, Pinterest, Lyft and yes, Uber, which is the most hotly-anticipated offering of the bunch. Earlier in the week, Uber chose Morgan Stanley to lead its IPO, and the target valuation???? An eye-popping $120 billion.


As Apple continues its serious move into health tech, its newest feature to the Apple Watch Series 4 has been garnering a lot of attention. You know, the ECG heart monitor that could alert you to problems you didn’t know you had? Doctors starting weighing in immediately after its release (via software update) last week, and started testing it soon afterwards…Does it work? Not work? Well, a few days ago, we got a firsthand account that it does, in fact, work and could have even saved this 46-year old man’s life.


The newest members of the no-fly list on Delta? Puppies and kittens (under 4 months old) acting as emotional support animals, and all support animals on long-haul flights (over 8 hours). Delta, which has had too many incidents involving service animals over the past several years, made this announcement on Tuesday.  And on Wednesday, NoPo’s carrier-of-choice said that it would be ditching its zone boarding process and replacing it with a more efficient, “easier” process based on one of 8 ticket types…split groups…cabins…and huh??? Both changes go into effect in the coming weeks (pets on 12/18; boarding on 1/23).


Numbers from the CDC indicate a milder flu season compared to last year. That’s welcome news–especially going into the holiday season–but doctors say it’s still early. Very early. And per usual, they’re telling adults to get a flu shot-NOW!-but per usual, no one’s listening


On Wednesday, Amazon, which thus far has opened 7 cashier-less GO stores to the public, launched its first pint-sized version–inside one of its Seattle offices. It’s just 450 square feet [about the size of NoPo’s HQ!], and unlike the regular-sized stores that are stocked with everything from groceries to household supplies, the little one serves mostly pre-made food and snacks. Amazon is essentially testing this compact format, and if it resonates, then the next stop, logically, is airports…and then lobbies…and hospitals…and schools…and subways…and…

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