On Wednesday, Lord & Taylor closed its large, flagship store on Fifth Avenue for good. It’s obviously not the first iconic brand to shut down in New York City in recent months as there have been many (!), but this latest nail-in-the-coffin may be one of the more significant. After all, L&T has been a fixture on Fifth – the world’s most prestigious shopping street – for 104 years.


What’s with all the blood pressure medication recalls? Didn’t these recalls start, like, last summer and involve a bunch of different companies? Recently, it was Mylan…then Torrent…and just this week – Aurobindo. The culprit is apparently a chemical called N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA), which has been classified as a “probable human carcinogen.” Experts don’t know how this chemical – which you might be exposed to in other ways – got into the tablets (trace amounts only, Ed), but they all agree it shouldn’t be.


2019 is off to a reeealllly rough start for Apple, and things may get even…worse??? A couple of days ago, CEO Tim Cook published a letter to investors warning of weaker than expected first-quarter earnings, citing “fewer iPhone upgrades than we had anticipated.” The weakened demand – to the tune of $9 billion in sales – is coming primarily from China, which accounts for a huge chunk of Apple’s revenues globally.


The Mediterranean diet was just named “Best Diet in America” by U.S. News & World Report–for the second year in a row. Maybe 2019 is the year to try it? Make it more of a lifestyle thing? Linked to all sorts of health benefits – from lower risk of cancer, heart disease to better memory – the Mediterranean is so much better than the others, methinks, because there are no gimmicks involved (Eat as much bacon as you want!!! Put butter on evvvvverrrrything!!!), you’re not starving yourself, there are no weird pre-packaged meals to deal with, and it’s easy to follow. You basically just eat what you should be eating anyway – plants, whole grains, healthy fats and lean proteins – and avoid the bad stuff, namely processed foods and refined sugars.  Eventually, the weight comes off, but in the interim, you just feel better.

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