The unusually large drop in existing home sales (down 6.4%) has everyone perplexed. Is it because of a decline in consumer confidence? Demand weakening because of home price gains and rising (yet still historically low) mortgage rates? Potential buyers worried that if they buy now they’ll lose their shirts? Concerns about stock market volatility? Negative headlines too worrisome to make a big purchase? Lots of questions; no definitive answers….but the numbers could be taken as fresh evidence that the housing market could be in for a bumpy – if not sluggish – ride in 2019.


What the kale? For the first time in years, this once beloved leafy green has fallen off the top 10 superfoods list, according to an annual survey of over 1300 registered dietitians. It’s been replaced by fermented foods (now in the top spot), followed by avocados and seeds, in the second and third.


Good news: the man who impregnated a woman in a vegetative state was arrested a few days ago. The scary part is that this man was the nurse who was responsible for caring for this victim at Hacienda HealthCare, and was someone the victim’s family trusted! Anyway, he’s in jail now…been charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse.


Did you hear about the 23-year old who disappeared from a bar near Faneuil Hall? The story caught our attention – and even hit home – because we know the area well, and used to frequent those very same bars when we were around that very same age.  Sounds like there was a lot of drinking going on that night, and that this kid, Olivia Ambrose, was basically “snatched” by a predator because she was easy prey. We’re just reading between the lines, but long story short is that Ambrose was found – alive! – in the suspect’s apartment in Charlestown several days after the incident.  She has since reunited with her family. The suspect, who has a lengthy criminal history, has been charged with kidnapping and is undergoing mental health evaluation.

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