A study released this week shows that insects are dying off at record rates. While we know you may be thinking So What?, Wyatt, the reason this matters is because if some 40% of species do, in fact, go extinct within the coming decades, the effect on the planet could be “catastrophic.” How to reverse this trend? The authors of this study say we’ve got to reduce the use of pesticides (the primary culprit) and replace them with “more sustainable, ecologically-based practices.”


Nearly one in seven children in the United States has a mental condition? And half go without treatment for things like anxiety, depression or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder? The author of this newly-released study, an associate professor at University of Michigan Medicine, says he didn’t expect to see such high numbers, but child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychologists weren’t at all surprised by the findings. For starters, accessing mental health services is challenging.  Families are also concerned about stigma (still) and coverage. Plus, there’s a shortage of mental health providers.


Data out this past week shows that the job market is stronger than ever – nearly 7.3 million openings at the end of 2018! That’s the highest level since the Labor Department started keeping track of this almost two decades ago. With job openings continuing to outpace hiring (something that’s been going on for a while now), employers are having a tough time finding workers, and any unhappy workers are quitting–because they can.


A wire fox terrier from Brazil became America’s top dog at the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday night, beating out a crowd-pleasing longhaired dachshund and popular Sussex spaniel. Modest cheers only for 7-year old “King” despite his perfect performance, however, as the win wasn’t exactly a surprise. In fact, it was pretty much expected (and, per usual, sparked some outrage) as wire fox terriers have won 15 times at the nation’s most prestigious dog show. That’s far more than any other breed.

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