Weight Watchers just had one of its worst weeks ever. Despite the many possible explanations WHY–from Oprah’s absence to America’s love of the keto diet–the reality is that shares have been struggling ever since the company tried to rebrand itself as a wellness brand rather than a weight loss company. CEO Mindy Grossman has acknowledged that things have not gone as planned, but has strong feelings that the company is moving in the right direction. This has NoPo wondering…has Grossman ever been on a diet? When losing weight is your primary objective, you want to do it as easily and quickly as possible…and could care less about wellness. That comes much, much later, if at all.


When you know better, you do better…right? Well, not exactly….New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was formally charged this past week w/two counts of soliciting prostitution…not at a five-star hotel…not at a fancy restaurant…but at a cheap seedy day spa in a strip mall off Highway 1 in Jupiter, Florida. Kraft, who is 77 years old (!), and worth about $7 billion (see? crazy), is among 25 people charged in connection w/a months-long probe into sex trafficking. If convicted, Kraft faces up to a year in jail, a $5,000 fine and 100 hours of community service. He has entered a not guilty plea.


Maybe it’s the gazpacho? Paella? Mediterranean diet??? A new report from Bloomberg, which ranks 169 economies according to variables that contribute to overall health (things like life expectancy, tobacco, obesity, and environmental contributors), just named Spain the healthiest country in the world. Italy, Iceland, Japan, and Switzerland rounded out the list of the top five healthiest nations…and as for the United States? It ranked No. 35 in the index.


No host, no problem. The Oscars achieved a modest audience gain last Sunday night, rising to 29.6 million viewers, a 12% increase over last year. This was the first time viewership has grown in some five years! We’re convinced that high-profile talent – specifically, the confirmed performance of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – attracted viewers that might otherwise not have watched. Their rendition of “Shallow” from A Star is Born exceeded expectations, and was a telecast highlight.

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