On Monday, a fire ripped through Paris’s iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, which, at the time, had been undergoing renovations. Firefighters were able to put out the flames later that night, minimizing the damage which was nevertheless ‘colossal’ (its 300-foot wooden spire collapsed, and two-thirds of its roof was destroyed). The good news (beyond the fact that no one was killed) is that much of the structure of the 850-year old cathedral – like the bell towers and famed facade – was saved from the blaze, as was much of the artwork and religious artifacts. French officials now think an electrical short-circuit caused the heartbreaking fire, but an investigation is ongoing, as is talk of repairing and rebuilding–a process that will take at least five years. France’s billionaires are putting down the cash to make this happen.


Actress Lori Louglin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli pleaded not guilty to two conspiracy charges in the college admissions scam, according to federal court filings entered Monday. While some onlookers were surprised, legal experts tell NoPo this move was their only play and is considered normal operating procedure since they didn’t have a negotiated plea in place. To which we say…Oh, ok….[And thanks for explaining, Dan]. Also keep in mind that they could later decide to enter a guilty plea and take a deal. In fact, this is what many legal experts expect to happen at some point and time, once Loughlin and Giannulli come to accept the reality of the circumstances. Several insiders, however, think they’d rather roll the dice and take this to trial, but what if the daughters have to testify???? For now, the seemingly remorseless Loughlin and her seemingly better-acting, but shady husband are going about their daily business – she’s been spotted going to her yoga/pilates classes, having lunch with friends…and they have both been sticking to their regular Sunday church schedule#HelpMeGod


Not too long ago, Tiger Woods was ranked 1,199 in the world, he was up against all sorts of debilitating injuries and repeated surgeries, his reputation was shot, he was struggling w/personal problems, and nobody (including several sponsors) ever thought he’d win a major again–except for him. Last Sunday at the Masters, he did just that. This amazing victory (his first major since 2008; fifth green jacket since 2005) not only puts 43-year old Woods back on center stage w/the sports world’s biggest stars, but also gives the rest of us confirmation that overcoming adversity is possible. Like him or not (and we know you don’t, JB), there’s no denying that it was an epic moment that extended beyond sports and into our personal realm, which is why you saw so many cheers and tears.  “Never stop chasing your crazy dream” – #justdoit.