Does it seem like we have measles in here, like, every week? We’re just the messenger! And the message we got a few days ago is this: measles cases are now officially out of control. At last count, 695 cases in 22 states. This makes 2019 the worst year for measles since the disease was eliminated nationally in the year 2000. Measles outbreaks — defined as three or more cases — have been ongoing this year in Rockland County and New York, New York; Santa Cruz and Butte counties in California; Washington state; New Jersey; and Michigan.


As we sit down in front of our computer to work on this weekend’s edition of NoPo, we realize we’ve been sitting too much lately. And we’re not alone. Americans are spending more and more time staring into their computers–so much so that the computer itself has now officially been named the new culprit in the battle against sitting. Are standing desks the answer? Lots of different opinions on those so who knows. The only thing everyone agrees on is that too much sitting is NOT GOOD.  It has long been linked to increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and even early mortality.


On Monday, Beyond Meat, the plant-based meat company perhaps best known for its signature Beyond Burger, priced its initial public offering. The California maker of chicken, beef, and pork replacements, is looking to raise roughly $200 million in the stock sale for its portfolio, selling 8.75 million shares, priced between $19 and $21 each. At the higher end, that would give it a market value of about $1.2-$1.3 billion. With the public offering, Beyond Meat becomes the first venture-backed meat replacement company to list its shares, so rivals like its biggest one – Impossible Foods – will be watching closely…as will we…and Bill Gates..and Leonardo DiCaprio…and…and…and. Close your eyes, Tyson Foods? Trading starts in early May.