On Monday, Impossible Foods, the alternative meat company that makes the Impossible Burger, announced it raised an additional $300 million – from celebrity investors including Katy Perry, Serena Williams, Jay-Z and others – to take plant-based meat mainstream. This announcement, made just days after a show-stopping IPO for its main competitor, Beyond Meat, is a big fundraising haul that reflects the intense investor demand right now for vegan meat substitutes. Overall, Impossible Foods has raised more than $750 million since 2011, and is now valued at $2 billion–in an industry that could be worth > $40 billion in the next decade.


A few days ago, a visibly emotional Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty to charges of fraud linked to her involvement in the college admissions scam. Everyone seems to think she is going to get four months in prison (which is what prosecutors have recommended), but there’s also talk she may just get home confinement/electronic monitoring instead since she was first out of the gate to take responsibility (apologies, deep regrets and shame are favorable). Ultimately, the judge will decide. Sentencing is scheduled to take place on September 13.


Did you hear about the deadly attack on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia this past week? Ugh. Hate even having this in NoPo’s weekly roundup, but since we’re outdoorsy, value any kind of respite from civilization, and like to hike (Appalachian Trail, which attracts several million people/year, has long been on the bucket list), this one hit home. Long story short is that some drugged-up, disheveled 30-year old man named James Jordan attacked a couple of people w/a machete. One person died in this attack (Ironically, an Army veteran who used the outdoors to cope w/PTSD), and another (the Army vet’s female companion) played dead until she was able to walk to safety, w/the assist of other hikers. Jordan has been charged with one count of murder and one count of assault with the intent to murder.


On Monday, a judge ruled that prosecutors cannot use surveillance video in the prostitution solicitation case against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. This is a huge victory for Kraft, who was one of dozens of patrons allegedly caught on camera getting one of those special types of massages that always ended with a …