An extreme heat wave is roasting two-thirds of the country, w/millions of Americans under heat watch, warning, or advisory. People in the middle of the country – in the region stretching from northern Oklahoma and central Nebraska through Iowa, Missouri and western Illinois – are getting hit the hardest, with temperatures hovering in the triple digits. Worst days: Today, and Saturday. Both are expected to be record-breaking in many parts of the country.


Amazon says it sold over 175 million items over its two-day Prime sale, including over 100,000 laptops…200,000 televisions…300,000 headphones…350,000 luxury beauty products…and more than a million toys. Amazon also says it sold more branded devices than ever before, and that top-selling items in the U.S. included personal water filters (?!), Instant Pots (?!), and 23andMe ancestry kits (?!).


So, we know there’s no cure or drug to stop Alzheimer’s, but a report that came out a few days ago suggests that adopting healthy lifestyle practices – eating a healthy diet, exercising a couple hours/week, watching the alcohol consumption, avoiding cigarettes, keeping the brain stimulated – could protect against it. In fact, following 4 out of these 5 lifestyle practices over a 6-year period could lower your risk of developing dementia by 60% if no family history of the disease; 32% if there is.


Tuesday marked the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s lift-off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, who was the Mission Commander, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, the Lunar Module Pilot, and Michael Collins, the Command Module pilot. As the world watched, the trio boarded their spacecraft, embarking on a 238,000-mile journey to the moon. Four days later, a successful landing. Armstrong then became the first person to set foot on the moon; Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later. The often-forgotten Collins, now 88 years old, waited for his crewmates, 60 miles above the moon in the Apollo command module.