Fake beef…sausage…and soon – bacon and steak! Since its wildly successful IPO in May, Beyond Meat’s been on a tear and we’re eating it up. Time for Wall Street to start thinking about the company’s profit potential? Yes, particularly since Beyond just partnered w/Dunkin’ (its biggest collaboration yet) to roll out a brand new plant-based menu item: The Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. The $4.29 sandwich is currently available at 163 Dunkin’ locations in Manhattan, and if the debut is successful, this sandwich will be rolled out nationally–at 9,400+ U.S. locations–as soon as next year.


On Tuesday, Snap reported its strongest user growth since its public debut. With its daily user base up 7% from the previous quarter, this means that an astounding 203 million people, worldwide, use Snap Revenues were also up 48% for the quarter to $388 million–well ahead of expectations. Decent numbers all-around, especially when you consider where the company has been (in the toilet in 2017 and 2018!). Snap has teenagers to thank for its growth….and viral magic. Remember when Snap launched those new augmented reality capabilities, like the gender face swap function, and the baby face filter? Celebrities w/mass followings couldn’t get enough, and when they shared their manipulated images and videos on social media, millions of kids signed on…shared theirs…and stayed. #engagement101


Heading to the beach this weekend? Might want to double-check the water conditions. A newly-released report shows that nearly 60% of 4,523 beaches tested across the US in 2018 demonstrated unsafe water pollution levels on at least one day. The primary culprit is fecal matter from people or animals. If it sounds gross, it’s because it is. And if you’re sensitive to contaminants and come into contact with even mildly-polluted water, you could end up with eye and ear infections, skin rash, gastrointestinal illness, respiratory disease, or worse: infections from “flesh-eating” bacteria such as vibrio vulnificus, which we’ve been hearing a lot more about this summer.