On Monday, Capital One informed us that a hacker illegally accessed more than 100 million of its credit card accounts and applications earlier this year. A 33-year old Seattle transgender woman named Paige Thompson, who once worked as a software engineer for the cloud-hosting company that Capital One used, was arrested and charged in connection w/this breach when she bragged about it online. As we continue to learn more about Thompson, aka “Erratic,” here’s what to do if you’re worried you may have been one of those 100 million+.


Still have your old iPhone? How about you? And you? That’s been – and is – the problem for Apple. No one’s interested in parting w/their dated phones and going for the pricey upgrade, despite various trade-in offers and promotions. And it shows: When Apple reported earnings on Tuesday, we learned that iPhone sales in the last quarter dropped 12% year-over-year. The Apple iPhone now makes up less than half of Apple’s sales – for the first time since 2012. Other parts of Apple’s business are picking up the iPhone slack. Specifically, its services and wearables categories. That’s where the growth is.


When you think binge drinking, you think kids, college, but a new study shows that more older Americans – age 65 and up – are kicking back a few too many. What constitutes a few too many…defines a BINGE??? Five drinks or more for men; four or more for women — within a two-hour time frame.


Are you sitting down? A study that came out a few days ago shows that despite the many warnings we’ve been given about how bad sitting is for our overall health (It’s a risk factor for all sorts of things including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.), Americans are sitting down more than ever. We’ve gone from sitting 4.7 hours/day to 6.4.