Lesssseee. There’s Peloton, which sells “happiness”…SmileDirectClub, which, at the moment, is being frowned upon (one of the worst debuts on public market)…and WeWork, which may not work out. These are the high-profile names (as well as Clouldflare, to a lesser extent) in focus this week as the IPO rush continues. Despite the flops (and we haven’t even mentioned Slack, Uber and Lyft – bad, badder, and baddest), the IPO market’s been decent, producing an average return of 33% year-to-date. That’s almost double the S&P 500.


New research suggests that daytime naps could protect heart health, and lower the risk of strokes, providing we’re napping in moderation (1-2 snoozes/week). This is the main takeaway of an observational study that came out a couple of days ago. The study didn’t specify how long the ideal nap should be, but most experts recommend 20 minutes.


On Tuesday, Apple revealed a bunch of new products including three new iPhones (The 11, which, at $699, is $50 cheaper than the XR; The 11 Pro-$999; and the 11 Pro Max-$1099). All three phones – available for pre-order today, BTW – seem similar to their predecessors (and don’t look radically different either), but the camera systems are supposedly better, and the battery life is supposedly better, and yada, yada, yada. In addition to the new hardware, Apple also detailed launch dates and pricing for its much-anticipated Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade subscription services (very important since services are the name of the game for Apple right now). Both cost just $4.99/month, which undercuts the competition: Netflix charges $8.99/month, and the upcoming Disney+ service will charge $6.99. Apple’s streaming video service rolls out on November 1st; its gaming subscription service on September 19th.