Streaming Wars

So many options, so little time! Entertainment heavyweights have been on a spending frenzy lately, buying up the weapon of choice – classic TV sitcoms – in attempt to win over (and hook) streaming-video consumers. This past week, WarnerMedia bought The Big Bang Theory; Netflix snagged Seinfeld (a $500 million+ splurge); and NBCUniversal landed Parks & Recreation, which is heading to its forthcoming streaming service, Peacock. Thus far, we’re talking commitments totaling over $2 billion, over the past several weeks alone (!), and there are more deals in the pipeline. Confused? Wondering who’s got what and how much it will cost? As a number of high-profile services ready to launch (some as soon as November), here’s a (sorta) helpful streaming wars scorecard.

EEE Virus

Summer may be giving way to fall, but mosquitoes remain active until a hard frost, which residents eagerly await – particularly in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island that have been hit with Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). This rare, but dangerous mosquito-borne virus has made its way to a growing number of communities within these aforementioned states, and has killed at least five people thus far.

Weather Woes

Humberto. Kiko. Imelda. Jerry. Mario. Lorena. Yes, it’s the middle of Hurricane Season 2019, and yes, September is peak month for hurricane and tropical storm activity in both the Atlantic and Pacific, according to NOAA, but whoa – six named storms whirling at once this week? That’s a record.