America’s Diet

First, the good news: our consumption of highly processed foods is down a teeny tiny bit (3% since 1999). Now, the bad – we’re still eating way too much bad stuff. That’s according to a new ‘report card’ on America’s diet that came out on Tuesday. It shows that 42% of our daily calories comes from refined grains, starchy vegetables, and added sugars. And, even “badder” (We know that’s not a word, Terry!): our intake of saturated fat is above 10% of daily calories, due to a high consumption of meat–especially red and processed meats.

We No Good

On Tuesday, WeWork’s co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann, the 40-year old charismatic visionary who turned the company into one of the world’s most valuable startups ($47 billion at one point!) stepped down after a botched plan to IPO. Neumann, who is reportedly, allegedly, supposedly a bit of a partier who likes drugs, alcohol, and spending other people’s money, was stripped of his power and demoted to non-executive chairman of the board. Granted, this demotion may eliminate the distraction that the self-destructing Neumann was, but it won’t solve all of WeWork’s problems (Ask yourself – did ousting Uber’s co-founder Travis Kalanick in 2017 help?). The troubled co-working company is currently cutting costs (Anyone want Neumann’s Gulfstream…for $60 million?), getting rid Neumann’s friends and family members, and laying off thousands of workers as it continues to lose millions/day. Without an infusion of cash–whether an IPO or private investment–WeWork could run out of money by early next year.

Thomas Cooked

Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest travel company, fell victim to changing times (among them: rise of online booking sites, shift of travel habits), and its own problems – like a massive pile of debt – made it incapable of reacting to changing times.  After talks of a financial rescue failed, the 178-year old British tour operator, which rode the holiday package boom that started in the 1980s, collapsed on early Monday morning. It left over 600,000 travelers stranded.