WeWork’s Woes

On Monday, WeWork announced that it was officially withdrawing its IPO. The company that grew oh-so-quickly and aspired to transform real estate in the world’s biggest cities, is now busy cost-cutting, slashing jobs, and otherwise trying to right all that’s wrong. As for WeWork’s future, that’s uncertain…as is how its “situation” could affect other potential deals involving over-hyped, cash-bleeding startups.

Online Brokerage Wars

An all-out price war officially hit the brokerage industry on Tuesday w/the announcement, first, that Charles Schwab was going to eliminate commissions for certain securities (U.S. stocks, exchange-traded funds, options). Ten hours later, its rival, TD Ameritrade announced that it, too, was going to eliminate commissions. And on Wednesday, E*trade followed suit. Too much pressure from start-ups like Robinhood? A millennial favorite, Robinhood popularized free stock trading years ago.

Carnivores’ Comeback

Time to give up your beef with red meat? An international group of researchers are now calling into question the long-held belief that red and processed meat consumption should be limited to stave off heart disease, cancer, and other ills. According to their findings, published in a controversial report that came out a few days ago, the evidence to support these claims is not sufficiently backed, and is mostly observational. The researchers, who spent three years studying meat consumption (and did not take outside funding), claim that even if there are benefits to eating less meat, the benefits are so minimal that cutting back would be a complete waste of time for most people.