Top Dog

If you want to live longer, get a dog? That’s the primary takeaway from a a couple of studies that came out on Tuesday. Those who stand to benefit the most from pet ownership are heart attack and stroke survivors who live alone. Makes sense since social isolation has long been linked to premature death.


Cases of gonorrhea…chlamydia…syphilis…all up – for the fifth consecutive year, to a new record high of over 2.4 million cases in the U.S. This is according to a new report that came out a few days ago. Long story short is that more people are getting tested (leading to more reported results), and fewer people are using condoms.

Lights Out

On Wednesday, in preparation for the kind of weather (extremely windy, hot, dry) that can down power lines and spark wildfires, California’s largest utility Pacific Gas & Electric started shutting off the power in a bunch of counties. More than 300,000 Bay Area residents are still in the dark today, and could be for a few more days. Extreme? Yes. But given that PG&E’s equipment was what sparked the deadly Camp Fire in 2018, PG&E is not taking any chances. This is the largest pre-emptive blackout ever. The fast-moving fires that erupted yesterday in Southern California were reportedly not caused by power lines.