Full Stream Ahead

AMC Theaters, already the world’s largest movie chain, is increasing its reach – into your home and onto your smartphone. In partnership w/Hollywood’s biggest studios–Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Sony and Paramount–AMC has created a marketplace (“AMC Theaters on Demand”) where members of its loyalty program (over 20 million households?!) can rent or buy movies as soon as they’re available on other digital platforms, like Apple or Amazon. AMC is hoping to leverage its digital traffic to encourage more at-home movie-watching as attendance at its theaters continues to decline. And PS: Netflix, coming off a super-busy week, says whatever.

Hormone Therapy Clinics – Scam?

Want to look good, lose weight, and feel younger? It’s never been easier! Medical clinics are popping up all over the country, preying on those who are fearful of aging, advertising hormone therapy as a fountain of youth. Buyer beware! A recent investigation discovered that many doctors are prescribing testosterone to patients w/normal testosterone levels, and may be putting them at risk.

Fruit-Less ‘Fruit’ Juice

According to a study that came out a couple of days ago, Americans spent $1.4 billion on the most popular brands of children’s fruit drinks and flavored waters last year. And they’re bad, bad, bad..as in – too much added sugar, and/or artificial sweeteners. No surprise, since we all know fruit drinks aren’t exactly good for you…right? Wrong. Apparently, parents are confused, and deceptive marketing is to blame.