As we anxiously await this morning’s jobs report, we fully expect to hear more good news! After the unprecedented growth we have seen, that is easy to predict (strong market, stable participation rate, etc.), but when it comes to who, specifically, is hiring, that can be a bit ambiguous.  So, on behalf of the International SPA Association (ISPA), we are excited to share even more good news – the spa industry is growing, and we are definitely hiring!

Last year, the total number of spa visits hit an all-time high at 187 million, a 1.6 percent increase over 2016.


Who’s going? For a variety of different reasons, everyone – men, women, boomers, millennials, and even kids.  Spas are reinventing themselves to be all things to all clients with the expansion of treatments, integration of wellness, and other offerings.

More growth means more jobs. In fact, ISPA’s 2018 Spa Workforce Study shows there are currently over 30,000 unfilled positions–from massage therapists, personal trainers, spa directors, estheticians, sales managers to locker room attendants.

Employment in the spa industry can offer many benefits, such as schedule flexibility, opportunities to work in a variety of international environments, exceptional training and unlimited potential for career growth.  If you are looking for a new career path, many times you can finish training in less than a year. Furthermore, unlike many industries, the spa industry welcomes workers in all stages of their lives – whether a student finishing high school or retiree looking for a second career path.

Where to find one of these coveted jobs? One of the first places to look is the ISPA Job Bank, where more than 3,000 ISPA members post open positions. We are also proud to partner with Beauty Changes Lives. Its mission is to elevate and celebrate the industry as a viable and rewarding career choice. This campaign offers scholarships as well as mentorships with seasoned professionals in hopes of growing the industry.

Expanding the workforce in the spa industry is a top priority at ISPA and your top priority, with a job market that’s as strong as this one, should be to find that gratifying dream job.

The timing is right. And if there are warning signs at your current job (among them: you dread going to work, you’re in a negative work environment, there’s no room for growth/advancement), why not make a change?

Come join us as we continue to break industry records each year, stress-free.


Lynne McNees is the President of the International SPA Association (ISPA).  For nearly 20 years, McNees has led the global operations of the leading industry association.  Headquartered in Lexington, Ky., McNees serves as ISPA’s official spokesperson and is frequently interviewed as a spa expert by major media outlets including The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, Women’s Wear Daily, the Associated Press and numerous consumer and trade publications.

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