Warm Up Your Wardrobe – Tips from a Lilly Pulitzer Fanatic, By Katie Doyle


Confession: I have worn Lilly Pulitzer every single day for 956 days. That’s not a typo. I am thisclose to 1,000 days in a row. And I may have shopped this week’s Lilly After Party Sale … twice.

Why Lilly? The bright colors and bold prints make me feel happy. I love Palm Beach, I love summer, and I love puns. Lilly prints are known for their fun names: “Toucan Play,” “Alpaca My Bags,” “Get Nauti,” “Spike the Punch.”

One thing Lilly clothes are not known for is being low-priced, but, being a personal finance editor by day, take it from me: All of your dreams of pink and palm trees are possible, even on a budget.

Grab your pink lemonade and get ready, I’m spilling the juice on getting the best deals!

1. Mark your agenda for the big online sales: typically in January and August.  Plan your Lilly shopping around the After Party sales. These two sales are great times to stock up on essentials, and if you think beyond the season, you can get the best deals. For example, in August, I try to stock up on sweaters, and in January, Callahan shorts are my go-to as I shop the sale.

As Lilly Pulitzer herself once said, “Being happy never goes out of style,” and neither do bold prints in fun colors.

Be ready to be patient, though. The discounts are deep, but they come at a price — the virtual lines can be hours long. The sales typically start at 8 a.m., and I’ve immediately been number 26,000 in line.

To combat this, borrow as many devices as you can to start multiple totes (The Lilly version of your virtual shopping cart) at a time. If you leave something in your tote for too long, it can get erased. So, opening multiple totes and checking out frequently can ensure you get the items you want.

2. Squeeze out great deals in-store.  Each corporate Lilly store has a sales section, as do most signature stores. Scour these for last season’s looks at decent discounts.

3. Join Facebook resale groups. I’m a member of a half-dozen Lilly resale groups including Lilly Pulitzer: Dressed to Impress and Re-Lilly. These are great places to get steep discounts, but they’re also great for getting news on Lilly sales.

4. Invest in ‘Holy Grail’ and vintage items.  “Holy Grail” pieces are worth the investment because they can be re-sold later and fetch even more money than you pay for them.

Lilly “Holy Grail” items include the “Stuffed Shells,” “Dark N Stormy” and “Let Them Eat Cake” prints.

And if you’re in Palm Beach, Florida, where Lilly got her start at her juice stand, check out the consignment shops. These stores can be gold mines for Lilly Pulitzer “white label” clothes. White label and Lilly Pulitzer Originals are vintage Lilly that date back to the late 1950s, but as with Lilly’s prints, her clothes stand the test of time.

Take it from me: All your dreams of pink and palm trees are possible, even on a budget. And what better way to warm up this extra cold winter than with bold prints and cheerful colors?

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Katie Doyle most recently served as executive editor of Bankrate.com, where she led the editorial team.  She first joined Bankrate as a copy editor in 2005, and quickly moved to chief copy editor.  Katie was part of the team that earned a Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi award for breaking news for Federal Reserve coverage. She also helped to establish Bankrate’s presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Katie started her career at The Palm Beach Post and received her B.A. degree in communication from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

She lives in South Florida with her husband and daughter.

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